About Juda

鉅達國際科技股份有限公司成立於2006年3月。 鉅達國際主要從事為外觀設計,塑膠成型,開發模具,表面噴塗等加工,集開發、設計、生產、銷售於一體之服務。 主要產品為視頻轉換器,記憶卡等周邊產品的推廣和銷售。鉅達國際於2016年成立模具部門,即時的替客戶設計開發模具。我們秉持高品質的產品理念,並以客戶為中心,提供最專業的客戶服務,面對日益變化的市場需求,鉅達國際有能力可迅速做出反應,滿足客戶需求。

Juda International Technology Co., Ltd. Was found in March,2006. Juda mainly specialized in design ,research ,plastic injection, punch, module, producing, surface painting, and other processing. Business spreads to mainland China, TW and HK manufactures. Our main products are Video Converter ,Memory Card and other peripheral products promotion and marketing in Taiwan market. And provide complete technical support to our customers, more convenient product channel and better service from factory directly.

We provide integrated service to customers ,based on our plenty and firm experience and adjustment with competitors ,also the vertical adjustment, so as to provide a complete supply chain to meet all kinds of customers needs and with professional service.